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[08 Aug 2011|02:05pm]

Awwwwwww I was hoping for an active hermie community! But at least I have somewhere to post for now. Hehe.

I was roaming West Ed Mall for the first time ever, and these little guys won my heart when I passed by the kiosk. It wasn't until I got home that I did some solid research and discovered how bad painted shells are and that they require a proper tank to live in, not the plastic critter carrier they came in.

Some pics!Collapse )
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Hermies Have made the News! [29 Apr 2010|02:54pm]


Hermit Crab Real Estate Market Controlled by Social Networking

by David DeFranza on 04.29.10

Good Article~check it out!

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Crab on Crab Violence- Suggestions? [12 Apr 2010|12:55pm]

[ mood | sad ]

So I had 4 original crabs in one 10 gallon tank together. They've been together for a year. Two medium ones and 2 tinies. For some reason one medium one attacked the other medium one. He dug her up after she was molted. She was shell-less/ naked so I isolated her with shells. After 8 hours she finally got back into her original shell. Not more than 10 minutes after she's back in the regular tank. He pulls her out (I only guessed this bc she's shell-less and he's rolling it around). Then I guess they had a fight bc the next morning she's missing her big claw *sob*. I'm heartbroken. So I isolated him for a day. The new fifty gallon tank was all set up so I plopped them all in it. Plenty of room and hiding spaces. Last night, he's all up on another crab. So I removed him that that crab. Then he makes a beeline for the clawless one and starts harassing her. I'm so upset. I don't know what to do. I feel like he wants to eat her. Help!

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My Sweet Calanthe [23 Jan 2010|09:22pm]

[ mood | I miss cal ]

I just lost him today. He had a surface molt on Wednesday. I isolated him
But he still didn't make it.
I wish I could have known what to do.

I still have 3 other guys, but Cal was pretty special

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Having Trouble Adjusting to a Darlings Loss [05 Jan 2010|09:58pm]

I am having a little trouble adjusting since the 27th of December. My darling Cliff passed away. He had molted while I slept and when I went to do my daily check over his Terrarium I noticed he was out of his shell, I thought that he had changed but I found him naked and gone.

I have had him for a few years, I love him. With him gone I can not even go into the store I got him from and play with the Hermit Crabs there. I still have his home untouched the way I found it. I miss looking over and watching him.

I don't know if I can handle getting another one, I don't know if I ever can. I am going to see about getting a tattoo of him from one of the many photos I took of him.
I was even going to do a Hermit Crab Colander (I can't find any). I may still do the Calendar in remembrance of him.

I hope this does not make me sound like some crazy woman with 100 Hermit Crabs running all over her house.

I am going to turn the shell he was in before his death into a necklace so that I can have him with me.

CliffCollapse )
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Mites [11 Oct 2009|12:31am]

Hello friends!

Dilemma: Every crabitat I've supported has experienced mites at some point and time to differring extents.  I cleaned out the crab cage in my classroom this week and was disgusted to find huge globs of wriggling mite larvae along with many of these tiny little flying creatures.

Where do they come from?  Do they simply spontaneously generate from all the moisture?  It almost seems as if they come from nowhere, we are totally mystified.  Yet no matter where I live, every crab cage becomes infected with the exact same type of bug.  Hmm.

How do we avoid them?  We have to have moisture in the cage, is having a standing water dish a bad idea then?  Should we go back to the sponge and discontinue spritzing with water daily?  What techniques do you employ to avoid this nasty plague?

Even after a vigorous boiling larvae was still stuck to the inside of empty shells and had to be scraped off.  Ugh.  I almost tossed my cookies in front of the kids, no good!

All help is much appreciated by
Oscar, Nemo and Spider

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[14 Sep 2009|11:44am]

A glass hermit crab shell? I've never seen one before.

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Death during molt/growing back weird limbs [10 Aug 2009|04:22pm]

The other day I removed all ten of my crabs from the tank to clean it out. I noticed that one of my smallest crabs looking like he had just molted but one of his legs grew in completely crooked to the point where it was sticking out the wrong side and he couldn't fully go into his shell. I was wondering if he could have been injured or if he just grew it back weird? And is this going to effect him in any way? I haven't seen any of my crabs the last few days so I don't know how well he's coping. It is difficult for him to walk, but he can do it.

When I cleaned out my tank I noticed my biggest crab was pretty lethargic. I figured she was about to molt or she was sick. When I put the crabs back in the tank, she crawled underneath this cave thing, and she's been there ever since. So today I pick up the cave to check on her, and I realize she has molted. I've never had a big crab like that molt before. At first I thought she was dead and her body had just come out of the shell. But I realized that she indeed molted, and instead of red, she was a pale orange. BUT, one of her limbs also grew in weird and she's not moving :/ I don't know if she JUST molted so she's not moving and her limbs are too soft to be in place, or if she died. Does anyone have experience with this or advice? She did kind of smell a little bit fishy, and I'm real sad over this. She was just a big baby who was real active and always climbing on me. She was/is definitely my favorite. Help!!!

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naked, bigclawless crab [29 Jul 2009|12:54pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Yesterday morning when I woke up Demon (one of my crabs) was naked standing on top of his tankmate, missing his big claw which was about eight inches the other direction. His shell was on the complete other side of the tank. It looked as though his tank mate (Mischief) or some other unknown force had ripped his claw off, meat and all and then he decided to go in the nude because of it. I scooped him up and put him in a tupperware container with a bunch of clean shells. It took him about 30 minutes to decide its a good idea to get into one. He was in it for at least five hours before I went to bed and was still inside and quiet and unmoving the moment before I turned off the light and went to sleep. He was still in his own little tupperware mini habitat with food, waters and extra shells. This morning when I woke up he was naked, upside down in his shallow fresh water bowl with a silly, desperate look on his face. I gently flipped him over and placed him on the sand and gave him fresh waters. He's still naked. Can crabs be okay without their big claw until next molt? They both molted a little over a month ago and got their dark colouring back and have had access to each other for two weeks now but I haven't seen them interact much. Mischief mostly stays buried and Demon walks around and rearranges his decorations. Any advice?

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Some of the kids [28 Jul 2009|01:42pm]


Little tiny Lloyd in his gigantic shell... my favorite. And, Chet smacking the crap out of Chief, which has been going on for days.

Aren't they cute/evil?
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Crabby questions [23 Jul 2009|06:31pm]

A couple things going on in the crabitat that I'm wondering about...
Is it common for someone to bury himself so completely you can't even figure out where he went? I even slid the tank off the table so I could look for him on the bottom - but nothing. I'm pretty sure if he had died I'd smell him - so I'm guessing there's nothing to worry about at this point, but if molting is what's going on it's my first one. So I don't exactly know what to expect.
I have five crabs - well, four that I can see - they've been living together for two months now, and today one of them decided he's going to fight with one of the others. They're both about the same size, they are the two biggest. One leans back in his shell, up on his tiptoes, looking like he's going to pounce, and then he does! The other one pulls himself into his shell and lets the first guy knock him over. This scenario has repeated two or three times today, and I've never seen them pay any more attention to each other than any of the other crabs. Is it a pack leader thing, or a gimme-that-shell thing...? My worst nightmare is they know that poor little Gene is molting, and they're fighting over who gets to dig him up and eat him while he's all soft and tasty. Maybe I can distract them with some roasted chicken? I'd swear I read somebody here gave their crabs chicken.
I don't know what kind of crabs they are. One of the bigger ones is red with a purple claw, and the others are more of a peachy color.
And last but not least, one crab, the biggest, the aggressor from the above WWF story, has broken his smaller claw. I assume he's still able to eat, since it's been about two weeks since I noticed the break, but just in case it might have something to do with the aggressive behavior I thought I'd mention it. He's also  the red guy.
Are you all as confused as I am now? LOL!
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High Altitude [05 Jul 2009|01:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

We're moving from central Texas to Denver in a month, and I'm worried about what the change in climate might do to my hermit crabs. Any advice on helping them deal with the move? Will the change in altitude affect them at all?

Also wondering what people do to get their hermit crabs to come out of their shell. Two of mine are extremely shy and won't come out even when they've been sitting on my palm for over five minutes.

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Yikes! [01 Jul 2009|08:06am]

[ mood | thankful ]

After reading through some of the posts here, I am frankly amazed that I still have live crabs! My son got one from a touristy sort of place, and we brought him home in a round cage... where he lived for 8 months because I didn't know any better! Thanks to you all I now have a tank, with climby accessories, a sponge in the water, and some friends for poor lonely Chet. I've still not quite got it hooked up as well as you all do - but it's WAY better than what I had before. Poor Chet! He's evidently been a real trooper, and I will be a better mama now that I can benefit from the wisdom everyone here has to offer.

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Hermit Crab Crabitate Hood [23 Jun 2009|06:03pm]

I'm getting a ten gallon tank for my hermit crabs soon (have a 5 gallon with two tiny hermit crabs in it now) and the 5 gallon tank has no problem trapping heat and humidity. It was a fish tank hood with punched out section with netting over the openings to prevent escapes. The 10 gallon tank I'm getting does not come with a hood. I don't know what kind of a hood to get or how to make it so that it holds the correct amount of heat and humidity. I've seen people with those hinged screen hoods with a heat lamp on it, but how does that hold humidity? Does anyone know a way I can make a good top for a crab tank? Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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Help! [06 Jun 2009|06:36pm]

I have a streaker! One of my guys is outside of his shell. I've had this happen before and the crab didn't last long after. Is there anything I can do to help him?
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Hermit food yummies =) [22 Apr 2009|09:50pm]

[ mood | productive ]

I told my friend... Cripes! Months ago that I would post my vast assortment of hermit crab food and I told him I'd track my feeding process too... It takes me a considerable amount of time to do as I have to clean the dishes and then serve... and if I need to mix up some more salt water, it takes me even longer... sometimes I'm lazy about it, that takes me about forty-five mintues, or if I take my sweet ass time and mix salt water, it takes me about an hour and a half =P which is what this post shows... its a pain but I love them ♥
Yum yumCollapse )

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good reptile supply website? [16 Apr 2009|09:28am]

i was wondering if anyone could link me to reliable reptile supply websites that sell products at reasonable prices (that you have used and liked). i'm in need of a heat lamp and a ceramic heat bulb for my new hermit crab tank :) thanks guys.

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heating a 30g tall [31 Mar 2009|01:23pm]

hey guys! it's been a while.

my hermies are in a 20g long and i've been taking forever to set up their 30g tall.

this will be my first time using lights as a heat source rather than UTHs. i'm not too worried about humidity, i have a humidifier hooked up to the tank and a large saltwater pond with a bubbler disc going. if it becomes too much i could always set up a waterfall too... although it'd be tight.

any who, i've been experimenting with night-glo bulbs, trying to see what combination of wattage produces high temperatures. so far, with a combination of a 75w and a 40w i've got that tank to peak at 80F. still not enough! i want the tank to peak at 90F since i'll be using a thermostat to control the temps (keeping it at a nice and toasty 80-84F at one end. they're going to love that)

just realized the hood i'm using, is intended for CFLs, and the highest incandescent wattage allowed is 25w. whoops!

there isn't a whole lot of space on top of my 30g tall, the florescent hood and incandescent hood barely fit as it is.

would i have any luck using a heat lamp instead? that is, if i can find a night glo bulb with high enough wattage.... or maybe i'll use something like this. thoughts?
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Coconut Matting... from the Potted Plant Aisle? [31 Mar 2009|12:31pm]

It has fallen in and out of fashion for some time around here to pot hanging plants in wire baskets lined with coconut matting.  Lo and behold, this year I found replacement mats for that purpose.  They're large and cupped--large enough that I'll have to cut the one I bought in half, possibly into quarters, for my crabs to enjoy.

That is, if I put it in the crabitat.  I don't think the fiber is treated with anything, just shaped.  It isn't as thick as the mats you can buy in petstores, but, hey, it's cheap (two dollars for mine), large, and... I don't have a pet store nearby.

Has anybody else tried this?
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PPS? [24 Mar 2009|06:53am]

Last night I purchased a crab for the first time in a while, and I was really excited. He seemed like a healthy crab, but now I'm not so sure. I bought him because he looked healthy for being a pet store crab. Most crabs found in pet stores are looking half dead, but he was in the water dish and seemed happy. Plus, he was the only crab in there, so I had to get him. He ended up being in his carry-home container for much longer than I thought he'd be (about 3 hours). I had to go somewhere on my way home, but I did take him out and hold him & put him on my lap during that time. I didn't just keep him in the container. He was completely in his shell the entire time, but responded to my touch. By the time I got home, he was halfway out of his shell... It's hard to explain, but he just looked like he would as if he were walking around. But he seemed to be frozen like that. He wasn't moving or going back into his shell. He wasn't really responding. I put him into the crabitat like that, and by morning, he was completely out of his shell, and another crab was checking out his shell. He was in the same general area as I put him in last night, but he was facing the other direction. I don't know if he was forced out of his shell, or if he took it off due to stress. He didn't appear to be hurt by the other crab. I have never put a new crab in isolation. They've always been fine to join regular population right away. However, I did have a tank ready which I use for when I'm cleaning the main tank. So this morning, despite risking being late to work, I had to try to save my little No Name Maddox. I put him in isolation with food, water, and 5 empty shells. When I left, he still had no shell. Limited antenna activity, but he responded slightly when I picked him up. He's just been moving a little bit. No walking around, but he is alive. Does he have PPS? I feel terrible because I was NOT expecting to have him in the carry-home container that long, and I hope the ride home and change of environment didn't stress him too much. Obviously he is under stress, but I hope it's not too late. :( Does anyone have any tips, or any idea what is happening to him? I hope my little guy is still alive when I get home, and I hope that he has found a shell and that I can rescue him.
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