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Last night I purchased a crab for the first time in a while, and I was really excited. He seemed like a healthy crab, but now I'm not so sure. I bought him because he looked healthy for being a pet store crab. Most crabs found in pet stores are looking half dead, but he was in the water dish and seemed happy. Plus, he was the only crab in there, so I had to get him. He ended up being in his carry-home container for much longer than I thought he'd be (about 3 hours). I had to go somewhere on my way home, but I did take him out and hold him & put him on my lap during that time. I didn't just keep him in the container. He was completely in his shell the entire time, but responded to my touch. By the time I got home, he was halfway out of his shell... It's hard to explain, but he just looked like he would as if he were walking around. But he seemed to be frozen like that. He wasn't moving or going back into his shell. He wasn't really responding. I put him into the crabitat like that, and by morning, he was completely out of his shell, and another crab was checking out his shell. He was in the same general area as I put him in last night, but he was facing the other direction. I don't know if he was forced out of his shell, or if he took it off due to stress. He didn't appear to be hurt by the other crab. I have never put a new crab in isolation. They've always been fine to join regular population right away. However, I did have a tank ready which I use for when I'm cleaning the main tank. So this morning, despite risking being late to work, I had to try to save my little No Name Maddox. I put him in isolation with food, water, and 5 empty shells. When I left, he still had no shell. Limited antenna activity, but he responded slightly when I picked him up. He's just been moving a little bit. No walking around, but he is alive. Does he have PPS? I feel terrible because I was NOT expecting to have him in the carry-home container that long, and I hope the ride home and change of environment didn't stress him too much. Obviously he is under stress, but I hope it's not too late. :( Does anyone have any tips, or any idea what is happening to him? I hope my little guy is still alive when I get home, and I hope that he has found a shell and that I can rescue him.
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