Risu (captain_risu) wrote in hermitcrabs,

heating a 30g tall

hey guys! it's been a while.

my hermies are in a 20g long and i've been taking forever to set up their 30g tall.

this will be my first time using lights as a heat source rather than UTHs. i'm not too worried about humidity, i have a humidifier hooked up to the tank and a large saltwater pond with a bubbler disc going. if it becomes too much i could always set up a waterfall too... although it'd be tight.

any who, i've been experimenting with night-glo bulbs, trying to see what combination of wattage produces high temperatures. so far, with a combination of a 75w and a 40w i've got that tank to peak at 80F. still not enough! i want the tank to peak at 90F since i'll be using a thermostat to control the temps (keeping it at a nice and toasty 80-84F at one end. they're going to love that)

just realized the hood i'm using, is intended for CFLs, and the highest incandescent wattage allowed is 25w. whoops!

there isn't a whole lot of space on top of my 30g tall, the florescent hood and incandescent hood barely fit as it is.

would i have any luck using a heat lamp instead? that is, if i can find a night glo bulb with high enough wattage.... or maybe i'll use something like this. thoughts?
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