onemoreparadise (onemoreparadise) wrote in hermitcrabs,

Hermit Crab Crabitate Hood

I'm getting a ten gallon tank for my hermit crabs soon (have a 5 gallon with two tiny hermit crabs in it now) and the 5 gallon tank has no problem trapping heat and humidity. It was a fish tank hood with punched out section with netting over the openings to prevent escapes. The 10 gallon tank I'm getting does not come with a hood. I don't know what kind of a hood to get or how to make it so that it holds the correct amount of heat and humidity. I've seen people with those hinged screen hoods with a heat lamp on it, but how does that hold humidity? Does anyone know a way I can make a good top for a crab tank? Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
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