Stacie (sdanorth) wrote in hermitcrabs,

Crabby questions

A couple things going on in the crabitat that I'm wondering about...
Is it common for someone to bury himself so completely you can't even figure out where he went? I even slid the tank off the table so I could look for him on the bottom - but nothing. I'm pretty sure if he had died I'd smell him - so I'm guessing there's nothing to worry about at this point, but if molting is what's going on it's my first one. So I don't exactly know what to expect.
I have five crabs - well, four that I can see - they've been living together for two months now, and today one of them decided he's going to fight with one of the others. They're both about the same size, they are the two biggest. One leans back in his shell, up on his tiptoes, looking like he's going to pounce, and then he does! The other one pulls himself into his shell and lets the first guy knock him over. This scenario has repeated two or three times today, and I've never seen them pay any more attention to each other than any of the other crabs. Is it a pack leader thing, or a gimme-that-shell thing...? My worst nightmare is they know that poor little Gene is molting, and they're fighting over who gets to dig him up and eat him while he's all soft and tasty. Maybe I can distract them with some roasted chicken? I'd swear I read somebody here gave their crabs chicken.
I don't know what kind of crabs they are. One of the bigger ones is red with a purple claw, and the others are more of a peachy color.
And last but not least, one crab, the biggest, the aggressor from the above WWF story, has broken his smaller claw. I assume he's still able to eat, since it's been about two weeks since I noticed the break, but just in case it might have something to do with the aggressive behavior I thought I'd mention it. He's also  the red guy.
Are you all as confused as I am now? LOL!
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