Mae (erozar) wrote in hermitcrabs,

Having Trouble Adjusting to a Darlings Loss

I am having a little trouble adjusting since the 27th of December. My darling Cliff passed away. He had molted while I slept and when I went to do my daily check over his Terrarium I noticed he was out of his shell, I thought that he had changed but I found him naked and gone.

I have had him for a few years, I love him. With him gone I can not even go into the store I got him from and play with the Hermit Crabs there. I still have his home untouched the way I found it. I miss looking over and watching him.

I don't know if I can handle getting another one, I don't know if I ever can. I am going to see about getting a tattoo of him from one of the many photos I took of him.
I was even going to do a Hermit Crab Colander (I can't find any). I may still do the Calendar in remembrance of him.

I hope this does not make me sound like some crazy woman with 100 Hermit Crabs running all over her house.

I am going to turn the shell he was in before his death into a necklace so that I can have him with me.

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