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You can't have sex with "I love you"

Awwwwwww I was hoping for an active hermie community! But at least I have somewhere to post for now. Hehe.

I was roaming West Ed Mall for the first time ever, and these little guys won my heart when I passed by the kiosk. It wasn't until I got home that I did some solid research and discovered how bad painted shells are and that they require a proper tank to live in, not the plastic critter carrier they came in.

So this is my starter crabitat! It's a 10 gallon tank, and I quickly realized I need a bigger tank already. There's a couple hiding spots, a fresh water dish (haven't been able to get aquarium salt yet) and some climby things. My town also didn't have a hygrometer, so I bought a people one. Lololol It's clunky and takes up space but my parents are going to the city this week and I asked them to find me some things we can't get here.

This is Kitty in her painted shell.

And after she changed!!

I was so excited to see her interested in a new shell. I sat there for 45 minutes with my cell trying to capture a video of the switch. Lo and behold..... my cell died just as she was switching. I scrambeled to get my charger and I only caught a glimpse of the change. I was so upset, but hopefully I will witness Minnie changing into a natural shell too!


This is Minnie. She has reddish tips on her legs, while Kitty is all purple.

And this is Boop. I went to the small pet store we have here, and they had 3 hermit crabs.. in a dry open tank. Her body was greyed from being dry and she is growing back a walking leg. :( I felt bad and decided to get her. She was the only one of the three that would come out of their shell.

And here are the two mingling after a bath! (before Kitty changed shells!)

So far I think they're still getting used to the tank. They've found their hiding spots. Minnie is in the clay pot, Kitty is in the coconut, and Boop has dug right down into the sand (maybe to molt?? I hope!)
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