ang (_shadowsfall) wrote in hermitcrabs,

Death during molt/growing back weird limbs

The other day I removed all ten of my crabs from the tank to clean it out. I noticed that one of my smallest crabs looking like he had just molted but one of his legs grew in completely crooked to the point where it was sticking out the wrong side and he couldn't fully go into his shell. I was wondering if he could have been injured or if he just grew it back weird? And is this going to effect him in any way? I haven't seen any of my crabs the last few days so I don't know how well he's coping. It is difficult for him to walk, but he can do it.

When I cleaned out my tank I noticed my biggest crab was pretty lethargic. I figured she was about to molt or she was sick. When I put the crabs back in the tank, she crawled underneath this cave thing, and she's been there ever since. So today I pick up the cave to check on her, and I realize she has molted. I've never had a big crab like that molt before. At first I thought she was dead and her body had just come out of the shell. But I realized that she indeed molted, and instead of red, she was a pale orange. BUT, one of her limbs also grew in weird and she's not moving :/ I don't know if she JUST molted so she's not moving and her limbs are too soft to be in place, or if she died. Does anyone have experience with this or advice? She did kind of smell a little bit fishy, and I'm real sad over this. She was just a big baby who was real active and always climbing on me. She was/is definitely my favorite. Help!!!

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