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Hello friends!

Dilemma: Every crabitat I've supported has experienced mites at some point and time to differring extents.  I cleaned out the crab cage in my classroom this week and was disgusted to find huge globs of wriggling mite larvae along with many of these tiny little flying creatures.

Where do they come from?  Do they simply spontaneously generate from all the moisture?  It almost seems as if they come from nowhere, we are totally mystified.  Yet no matter where I live, every crab cage becomes infected with the exact same type of bug.  Hmm.

How do we avoid them?  We have to have moisture in the cage, is having a standing water dish a bad idea then?  Should we go back to the sponge and discontinue spritzing with water daily?  What techniques do you employ to avoid this nasty plague?

Even after a vigorous boiling larvae was still stuck to the inside of empty shells and had to be scraped off.  Ugh.  I almost tossed my cookies in front of the kids, no good!

All help is much appreciated by
Oscar, Nemo and Spider

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