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Crab on Crab Violence- Suggestions?

So I had 4 original crabs in one 10 gallon tank together. They've been together for a year. Two medium ones and 2 tinies. For some reason one medium one attacked the other medium one. He dug her up after she was molted. She was shell-less/ naked so I isolated her with shells. After 8 hours she finally got back into her original shell. Not more than 10 minutes after she's back in the regular tank. He pulls her out (I only guessed this bc she's shell-less and he's rolling it around). Then I guess they had a fight bc the next morning she's missing her big claw *sob*. I'm heartbroken. So I isolated him for a day. The new fifty gallon tank was all set up so I plopped them all in it. Plenty of room and hiding spaces. Last night, he's all up on another crab. So I removed him that that crab. Then he makes a beeline for the clawless one and starts harassing her. I'm so upset. I don't know what to do. I feel like he wants to eat her. Help!
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